Scarlet Lux ~ Vancouver Belly Dancers

Based in Vancouver, BC, Sally Myrfield and Angelina Thorne teach and perform both classical and fusion bellydance, produce showcases and revues, and create opportunities for training in the belly dance art form on every level. Sally and Angelina joined forces in 2011 to form Vancouver's favourite Belly Dance duet, Scarlet Lux, after their mutual love of music, laughter, and all things belly dance brought them together in a dance studio. They are dedicated teachers, avid finger cymbal players, and among Vancouver's most beloved performers of good ol' fashioned belly dance.

Scarlet Lux can be found performing at high profile events, major music & dance festivals, galas, and on stages from Europe to the West Coast of North America. They have been honoured to share the stage with Brass Menazeri, Orkestar Slivovica, Govinda, and many more traditional and contemporary musical artists. Scarlet Lux is also honoured to be part of the Gastown Cabaret cast - an eclectic cast of characters in the heart of Vancouver's underground scene that brings a show unlike any other to the stage of Guilt & Company on the second Tuesday of every month.


Angelina Thorne began teaching movement at the age of 16 as a coach of rhythmic gymnastics. She has been practicing yoga for over 25 years, and began teaching yoga in 2008 after receiving her training from her dear friend and mentor Shakti Mhi. She began to study belly dance in 2003 after experiencing the dance in Turkey, and has been teaching the art for over a decade now. She has had dozens of teachers and influences over the years in many different styles, but her heart belongs to the Golden Ages of Belly Dance, both Egyptian and North American, and as a performer she exudes the energy and image of a classic belly dancer in every way.

Angelina has travelled to dozens of countries and takes great joy in exploring the music, traditions, and culture of the people she meets on her travels. This spirit of exploration - combined with her years of study and certification in several movement disciplines - informs her approach to teaching, and she has designed an in-depth training course for advanced belly dance students unlike any other. "Cairo to Cabaret" is a combination of academic and practical study that brings dance students closer to the roots of what they love so much, and she looks forward to it's continued development with dedicated students.


Sally Myrfield is a lifelong dancer with an extensive background ranging in styles from Jazz, Contemporary, Tap, and Polynesian. In 2005, Sally began a new chapter; belly dance with teacher Martina Crowe-Hewett. Since then Sally has been dedicated to the belly dance art form.

In 2008, Sally began to train under Suhaila Salimpour. Suhaila's mathematical style of teaching really spoke to Sally, and she now holds certification in both Suhaila (L2) and Jamila's (L2) format. Sally integrates Suhaila's format into her own teaching, and continues to train at the Salimpour School.

Sally's teaching & performance styles are built on her strong foundation of classical and contemporary dance forms. She directs & trains a group of award-winning student dancers, and has recieved high honours for her choreographic work.