Angelina’s Big Announcement


Vancouver… I’m leaving you.

PART 1: What The Hell?!

It’s true, best beloved. My hosbando and I are moving away from this incomparably beautiful province. We are going to the musical, magical city of Kingston, Ontario.

This happened both slowly and suddenly – we knew a change was coming, but had no idea when or how. All summer long, we have been in a holding pattern, not wanting to alert anyone in case it didn’t happen, and not wanting to make too many plans here in case the change came suddenly (it did). When the opportunity finally came, it came with a schedule, and that schedule is tight.

Our belongings are already packed. I am writing this in an empty apartment that will be listed for sale very soon. It’s very possible that we will be enjoying Halloween in our new home. It’s all happening at once.

If you know us, you know that the McThornes love an adventure…

15 years ago, we packed up our little apartment on 10th & Victoria, grabbed our backpacks, got on a plane, and traveled across Europe for 14 weeks as newlyweds. Today, we packed up our little apartment on Columbia, grabbed our backpacks, and are preparing to drive across the country to our new home.

PART 2: Holy Sh*t!

We aren’t leaving today, but our departure is coming soon. It’s a lot of work to leave the only home you’ve ever known.

Goodbyes are one of the few things on earth I truly loathe, although this situation is less “goodbye” and more “see you later”. Not a true goodbye at all. I will be back! Our family & friends are all here, and Vancouver will always be our heart’s home.

I can’t quit you, baby… so I’m gonna put you down for a while…” – Led Zeppelin

Things I Will Miss: Excellent sushi (sorry, Ontario, but you could never), the way we say “Vangcoover”, the misty darkness of ancient coastal rainforests, the mountains, the smell of the ocean, the beauty of the Fraser Valley, the Night Market, the mosaic of cultures… and You, of course.

Things I Am Looking Forward To: Kingston is a really cool-ass town, you guys. It is artist-friendly, vibrant, beautiful, and it really looks an awful lot like Gastown. It is conveniently located about 2.5 hours from Toronto, Montreal, and Ottawa, so there’s a lot to explore! I am so thrilled to have a chance to connect with so many dancers on the other side of the country to continue to do what I love. We are even looking for a house that has potential for an honest to goodness in-home dance studio – not my living room, but an actual space for actual classes. This will be the beginning of an entirely new part of my life and career, and I am really excited about the future. Dancing & yoga have been my full-time job for over 10 years now, and this has only been Act 1.

Things That Are Still Things: I will be returning to BC for visits, performances, & workshops! Molotov Caravan is also still a go – Sally and I are still committed to throwing the best party ever, and a few thousand kilometres between us won’t change that! The inseparable Scarlet Lux is going bi-coastal! Well, sort of… my new coast will be the shores of Lake Ontario… not quite the Pacific Ocean, but still quite… watery? Anyway, don’t put away your fancy pants, because the Molotov Caravan rolls on, baby!

PART 3: So, Anyway… 

The next few weeks are going to be busy, but I hope to have the chance to say a proper see-you-later. I would love to have one more workshop before I go – a chance to dance with you all, blast some music, sweat, laugh, and connect with a community that I have been immersed in since 2002. I will do my best to arrange it ASAP, so stay tuned. 

In the meantime, I’ll be launching a personal website to keep my new activities organized in one place, re-vamping my blog, and documenting this big journey. Keep up with it all on my Instagram, and make sure you follow me on Facebook if you want to see my posts. I’ll do my best to share all these new changes with you through the magic of the interwebs.

This sudden move may come as a surprise to many of you. To be quite honest, I am the sort of person that prefers to sneak off unnoticed and without a lot of fuss. I’m like a cat in that way. I’m posting here to let you all know at once, because we are connected, and we always will be. Who knows, some of you might be quite pleased to see the back of me (HA!).

I do love you – all of you – and while it is so hard to say “see you later”, I know it’s right, and I know it’s true.

I WILL be back, Vangcoover. And when I am, you’d better be ready to dance!


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