How to Have a Healthy Dance Class

Your belly dance class is a great way to get some exercise, expand your creative mind, and improve your connection with your body.

Healthy Dance Class

Since we know how addictive belly dance can be, we thought we would offer some simple tips to help students at every level have a healthy dance class. After all, having a healthy dance class isn’t just about injury prevention or recovering well after a challenging session in the studio!

1. Bring your ‘A’ game to class

Your teacher is there to provide the best information they can with a plan for your growth in mind. Take advantage of what your teacher is offering, and bring your A game! Take notes on the information that you want to remember and practice at home, make sure you leave the rest of the world outside when you step in to the studio, and try to focus on what you are doing in class instead of socializing or chatting while the teacher is teaching. You and your teacher are working together towards your dance goals, and ultimately you are the one who will benefit the most from being focused, energized, and positive when you come to class each week.

2. Appreciate The Process

Learning anything new is tough, and we need to be kind and compassionate towards ourselves and our situations when taking on new challenges. Give yourself time to absorb the information into your brain, and give your body and chance to build that new muscle memory. Remember that your teacher is there to support you and help you grow, and everyone learns differently.

3. You Know Your Body

We are all adults in class, and we know better than anyone else when our body needs something from us. When you come to class, make sure you have enough water to stay hydrated, that you have foot or knee protection if you need it, and our favourite tip for students: make sure you have a small, light healthy snack to keep your brain and body happy during that sweaty learning process! Whether we are teaching a block of classes or a 3 hour workshop, we love to keep little snacks handy just in case we need them that provide our brain with glucose and our body with calories, so that we have the fuel to learn. Have something like almonds or dried fruit accessible if you feel yourself crashing, or bring a banana for between classes. Try to stick with water only during class itself (unless you really feel like you need something) so that you don’t invite cramps or stomach aches – nobody wants to belly roll on top of a burrito!

Happy dancing!

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